Wednesday, January 24, 2007

China's African Bid

Here's a follow-up article in the People's Daily to the one I mentioned here. This one goes into greater depth about China's ongoing campaign to make inroads in Africa, with investment and trade agreements that go well beyond oil and natural resources:

Observers said the strategic partnership features cooperation in areas such as telecom, food processing, tourism and infrastructure, paving the way for Africa to become a processor of commodities and a competitive supplier of goods and services to Asian countries.

I was also struck by this observation from Liu Naiya, a researcher with the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences:

He also said Hu's visit to Seychelles, a Chinese president's first visit to the tiny Indian Ocean islands, demonstrated Beijing's policy of treating countries on an equal footing no matter how large they are.

The Chinese have been at this statescraft thing for a couple millenia. We'd do well to pay attention to how it's done.

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