Sunday, January 28, 2007

Coming Up Empty

So the site's been up a week and I'm looking through it, relatively pleased with how quickly it's filled up with posts and links and most importantly an original thought or two. (I'm hoping the comments will materialize in time.) And then I click through to the Archive index and there it is staring back at me: A big donut under the Domestic Policy heading. (Don't bother checking now, all you'll see is this post.)

Now granted, I'm obsessed with the strategic nightmare that is our current Middle East policy right now, and the rise of China is a particular favorite of mine, too, and all the candidates lining up for 2008 has been grabbing a lot of page one real estate. But is the reason I just don't have much to say about Domestic Policy because I've never been much of a policy wonk? Or is it possibly because it's been six years now since I left the States? Can you have domestic policy insights when you're no longer domestic?

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