Monday, January 29, 2007

Headline Habits

Thinking about this question of why I have so little inclination to dip my feet into the pool of domestic policy issues got me thinking about the whole question of headlines that get a rise out me and those that I pass over. Today, for instance, I was watching a nature documentary on the North Pole with my son and I realized that I very rarely do more than scan a headline that includes the phrase "Global Warming" or "Climate Change". Do I think it's an insignificant issue? Far from it. Do I find this tendency laudable or recommended? Of course not. Am I saturated? Already convinced? Probably. But there's more to it, I think. Something about each of us having a "News Reading Profile" that either draws us into a topic or doesn't.

So I thought it would be interesting to do a couple Top 3 Lists. (I've limited it to three so as to involve an element of discrimination.) Here's mine:

Top 3 Headlines I'm Sure To Read:

  1. Iraq/Iran/Middle East Geopolitics.
  2. The Rise of China.
  3. Presidential Politics (French & American).

Top 3 Headlines I'm Sure To Pass Over:

  1. Avian Flu.
  2. Global Warming.
  3. Darfur. (Not proud of it, but there it is.)

And for a kicker, a Guilty Pleasure (surprise, surprise): Christian Evangelicals. So? What about yours?

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