Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Cut & Stay

Not too long ago, in the comments section of the highly recommended site Voices of Reason, I suggested a tactical solution to the Iraq War quagmire. As I put it there:

There is an option no one's mentioned, which is probably the best strategic option, even if it is unpalatable and unlikely:

The U.S. withdraws its reduced troop presence to an outpost in the Iraqi desert somewhere, from which it guarantees the "autonomy" of the Iraqi government, and the "stability" of the region in general, leaving day-to-day patrolling to the Iraqis.

In other words, remove ourselves from the line of fire, without relinquishing a necessary presence to save a semblance of geo-political face.

So it's gratifying to see Edward Luttwak propose the exact same thing, using the eminently more dignified term "Disengagement", in an op-ed in today's Times. Now to go treat my shoulder for "Patting myself on the back" syndrome.

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