Tuesday, February 6, 2007

To Bind Or Not To Bind?

I admit I've been a bit dismissive of the Battle of the Non-Binding Resolutions going on in the Senate. It seems to me like a waste of time and political energy that could be spent either putting the brakes on a war with Iran, going after Cheney to cut the legs out from under Bush, defining a strategic plan for a way to eventually extricate us from Iraq, or all of the above.

E.J. Dionne seems to think otherwise, and Kevin Drum agrees with him. Their argument is that shifting public opinion on something of this magnitude happens in baby steps, and the vote of no-confidence, if passed, will have a major impact on swinging opinion towards not just opposing the surge, but to ending the war.

I'm not so sure that we should be rushing in that direction, though. After all, we already started this war without a plan. The least we could do is come up with one to end it. But maybe I'm a bit tone deaf on this one since I'm not stateside. Anyone?

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