Thursday, February 8, 2007

The Other Surge

According to McClatchy, one out of every seven Iraqis has been displaced by the war, either relocating within Iraq, or seeking refugee status abroad. Estimates put the number at up to two million refugees in neighboring states, with up to 1.7 million internally displaced within Iraq. So what measures has the Bush administration taken to shoulder some of the responsibility for what's becoming a humanitarian crisis? Well, the numbers pretty much speak for themselves:

  1. 2007 supplemental funding for Iraq War: $170 billion.
  2. 2007 supplemental funding for Iraqi refugees: $15 million.
  3. 2008 budget request for IraqWar: $140 billion.
  4. 2008 budget request for Iraqi refugees: $35 million.
  5. Estimated number of Iraqis displaced each month: 40,000.
  6. Iraqi refugees admitted into the US since 2003: 466.
  7. Maximum number of Iraqi refugees to be admitted in 2007: 20,000.

This is beyond shameful.

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