Friday, February 9, 2007

Feith Changed His Briefs

The Senate Armed Services Committee sparred today over what to make of the Pentagon Inspector General's report on the Office of Special Plans, Douglas Feith's pre-War intelligence-cooking unit at the Defense Dept. The report's key finding? The operation was authorized, because it was directed by Dep. Sec. of Defense, Paul Wolfowitz.

...however, we believe the actions were inappropriate because a policy office was producing intelligence products and was not clearly conveying to senior decision-makers the variance with the consensus of the Intelligence Community.

Thomas F. Gimble, the Pentagon’s acting inspector general, refused to be pinned down by either side, but he did offer up this intriguing morsel:

However, Senator Jack Reed, Democrat of Rhode Island, drew from Mr. Gimble a statement that Mr. Feith had not been entirely consistent in his intelligence briefings, in ways Mr. Gimble said he could not go into for security reasons.

“He changed the briefing for his audience?” Mr. Reed asked

“There were adjustments made depending on the audience,” Mr. Gimble replied.

Both Carl Levin, the Armed Services committee chair, and Jay Rockefeller, who chairs the Senate Intelligence Committee, have indicated they're going to follow up aggressively on the report's findings. Who was told what, and by whose instructions, seems like a pretty good place to start.

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