Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I'm With Stoopid

Yes, I'm on record as agreeing that it's stupid for the Presidential candidates to declare two years before the election. But I never said anything about fantastic conjectures about how things may play out two years ahead of the election. So here's a thought that just occured to me.

With the Democratic candidates as a whole looking as strong as any field I can remember, it's conceivable that they reach the Convention without any of them having won enough delegates to clinch the nomination. In other words, an old-school, smoke-filled room kind of convention that actually decides who the nominee is. Or else, one that doesn't decide a thing, leaving two Democrats in the general election to split the vote and deliver the most winnable White House in decades to the GOP.

Anyone else got any predictions? For the 2008 election, or the 2008 NBA Finals, take your pick.

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