Friday, March 2, 2007

Foxy Brown Lockdown Watch

I try to stay away from the Cult of Celebrity coverage. But this one is just too good to be true. Rapper Foxy Brown just pled guilty to her second probation violation, technically for leaving NY State without prior permission from authorities. I'll let UPI take it from there:

Brown, 27, was sentenced in October to three years' probation, anger management classes and random drug tests after pleading guilty to assaulting two manicurists at a New York nail salon.

Her first strike came in January when she was let go from the anger management program for allegedly threatening an employee.

Her second strike came Feb. 15, when, after leaving town without permission, she was arrested in Florida for allegedly fighting with a beauty supply shop owner and a police officer. She was charged with battery and obstruction of justice. (Emphasis added.)

Despite prosecutors' requests for jail time, the judge apparently felt it wiser to defer to the rules of baseball rather than those of common sense. Meaning it will take a Third Strike, most likely in the form of another major league beatdown doled out to yet another beauty shop worker, before Ms. Brown gets locked up.

Which ought to be any day now, given how well the anger management classes seem to be working.

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