Friday, March 2, 2007

Let's You And Him Fight?

I'm not sure where this fits in, but it does seem to resonate with the Seymour Hersh story I mentioned the other day. Apparently Israeli and Western intelligence agencies are worried about a growing concentration of Sunni global jihadists in the southern Lebanon city of Tyre. The main concern, obviously, is the potential for attacks against Israel, Jordan, and the UN peacekeeping forces stationed in southern Lebanon.

But the article goes on to mention some tensions between the groups and Hezbollah, resulting from their sectarian (Sunni-Shiite) differences, and also from Hezbollah's insistance on veto-power over all locally-staged operations. Hersh suggested that the new American strategy in the region was to encourage the latter (internecine turf wars), and trust the Saudis to contain the former (any collateral damage to ourselves and our allies).

Looks like we'll see how that little gamble turns out soon enough.

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