Sunday, March 11, 2007

Snow Blindness

It's amazing the disconnect that results from even a short time away from the information interface that my computer has become. With the exception of two brief e-mail & homepage checks, I was basically internet-free for the past four days. Not much time away from the news cycles, you might think. But enough for a few of the blogs I cover to clear out their homepages several times over. To say nothing of the news dailies, which I haven't yet had the courage to check in with. And enough, it now seems as I slowly start to get back into the swing of things, to feel totally out of the loop. Jet-lagged. Disconnected.

Yes, the internet has speeded up the transfer of information around the planet. But it's also created quite a bit of overload, a white noise that can settle over the information landscape like a blanket of snow. Especially if given enough time to settle. And apparently four days is enough, because I feel snowed in.

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