Thursday, March 15, 2007

Dept. Of Unintended Irony

How's this for back-to-back duelling paragraphs? From the State Department's most recent Weekly Status Report for Iraq:

Ministry of Interior Cleans House:

  • The Ministry of Interior has fired or reassigned more than 10,000 employees,including high-ranking officers, who were found to have tortured prisoners, accepted bribes or had ties to militias. A ministry spokesman said that reports that an internal inquiry included details of numerous human rights abuse at the ministry.

Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki Condemns “Illegal” UK Raid:

  • Prime Minister Maliki has criticized a raid by British forces on the Iraqi interior ministry's intelligence office in Basrah. A British military spokesman said that the raid on the National Iraqi Intelligence Agency office, where 37 people were held prisoner, had uncovered evidence of torture. However, Maliki has ordered an investigation into the raid, demanding that “those behind this illegal and irresponsible act be punished.”

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