Friday, March 30, 2007

Half-Right vs. Mostly-Wrong

I hesitated before clicking through on Charles Krauthammer's op-ed in today's WaPo. The tagline, since changed, was typical Krauthammer nonsense, the gist of it being that Congressional Dems are wrong about shifting the focus of the War on Terror from Iraq to Afghanistan.

Now I've hated Krauthammer ever since he used to write for the NY Post back when it didn't even have the excuse of being owned by Murdoch for its mindless editorial line. But in all fairness, on this one he happens to get two things right: First, for all the bitterness about how it was started four years ago, as things stand today the War in Iraq is by far more vital to American strategic interests than the War in Afghanistan. And second, the War in Afghanistan is not the central front in the War on Terror, Pakistani Waziristan notwithstanding.

Of course, Krauthammer being Krauthammer, that doesn't stop him from getting three things wrong:

  1. The War in Iraq isn't the central front in the War on Terror either.
  2. The War in Iraq is no longer winnable, and therefore doesn't justify the disproportionate resources it is being allocated.
  3. The War in Afghanistan is, and would benefit from a resource infusion, particularly in the form of reconstruction and development projects.

In other words, the Democrats are using the wrong arguments to advocate for the right policy. Which is still better than Krauthammer, who uses the wrong arguments to advocate for the wrong policy.

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