Monday, April 9, 2007

Endless Campaign

Something about Political Wire's Quote of the Day from yesterday wouldn't quit buzzing around in my head:

"Seeing this kind of intensity so early, it's unbelievable. I shudder to think how people are physically going to be able to maintain this pace, this personal focus, for two years."

-- Democratic media strategist Tad Devine, quoted by the Chicago Tribune, on the early start to the 2008 presidential campaign.

Of course, he's talking about the candidates who, instead of working behind the scenes to shore up their logistical infrastructure, are busy trying to stay in front of the cameras as much as possible.

I wonder about the voters who, at almost a year from the first primaries, are being subjected to a level of campaign intensity that even the most avid political junky can barely sustain.

Then there's the system itself, too. The early rollout of the 2008 presidential campaign means that candidates will spend two years of campaigning for a four year term of office. Four years that are spent greasing the wheels for a second term that, if won, is effectively over after two.

So is there a better alternative? I think so. Extend the presidential term of office to six years, with a one term limit. Then hold a Vice-Presidential election in the third year, whereby voters could elect an opposition Veep in the event of a wildly unpopular president.

That way the President can focus on governing, instead of campaigning. And so can we.

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