Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Kurdish Connection, Pt. 2

Laura Rozen's got an article in Mother Jones about what purportedly began as a story about an American-Israeli effort to set up anti-Iranian covert operations in Iraqi Kurdistan, but turned out to be, after she followed up on the reporting, a story about the Kurds' effort to set up pro-Kurdish covert operations in Iraqi Kurdistan. Here's the money quote:

In the end, Yatom and Michaels’ business activities may well be evidence, as much as any covert U.S. interests, of the Kurds’ superb gamesmanship, pragmatism, and sense of opportunity—instincts honed to a fine art by a people that, lacking durable proximate allies, has learned how to cultivate the enemies of its enemies. (Emphasis added.)

The Israelis aren't the only ones who came calling bearing gifts in the hopes of winning influence with Kurds. You'll remember this article that I flagged last week [note: the link seems to be temporarily broken], which described contacts between the Kurds and Iranian intelligence and security operatives dating back to before the American invasion of Iraq.

Apparently, the Kurds had no problem saying yes. To everyone. As the Kurds' Washington DC representative put it, "Kurdistan is open for business."

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