Monday, April 23, 2007

The Morning Paper

As you might have guessed, I'm back online after a week spent relaxing with a couple families and a small horde of kids down at the beach. A week during which my news consumption was regulated by the antiquated rhythm of daily edition newspapers, and punctuated by a running conversation about the French presidential campaign with an erudite Parisian friend. By Friday, both of us were a little burned out from the non-stop electoral coverage, and that was just from the print media, as we didn't even turn the televised news on once. I can only imagine what the rest of the country was going through.

I feel obligated to mention the senseless tragedy of Virginia Tech, if only to admit that I was thankful to have been shielded from the blanket coverage of it that I imagine filled the airwaves Stateside. The initial shock and horror I felt upon reading the news gradually subsided and gave way to other concerns, and each following day saw the same kind of ebb and flow as I discovered new developments from the morning paper, only to find my thoughts moving on to other things as the day progressed.

But even if I ended up spending less time thinking about the story than I otherwise would have, the emotions it provoked seemed somehow more authentic without the prurient, morbid carnival-like atmosphere of the non-stop news cycle reminding me what I should be feeling.

Tomorrow I'll be getting back to news-blogging. But the next time I hear someone say that old-fashioned newspapers are doomed to disappear, I'll think of this past week and reply, "I sure hope not."

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