Thursday, April 26, 2007

A Regime Of Secrecy

Anyone feeling a little subpoena fatigue from the Democrats' relentless attempt to get straight answers, or in some cases just answers, from the Bush administration on the US Attorney firings, Iraq War intelligence, RNC e-mail accounts, or any of the other investigations going on now should click through to Scott Horton's long post/short article on the threat the abuse of state secrets poses to democracy. For those who are too busy to read through the entire article, here's the closing paragraph:

There is no more urgent agenda before Congress today than reasserting its oversight function, and using all the tools at its disposal—including subpoenas, hearings and the power of the purse—to regain a check on a regime of secrecy which is reeling dangerously in the direction of a police state. It could yet make a difference.

What's going on right now on Capitol Hill is more than just political posturing. It really matters.

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