Thursday, April 26, 2007

Friend Of The Devil

How's this for irony? The official reference number for the Articles of Impeachment that Dennis Kucinich just filed against Dick Cheney is H. Res. 333. Which means that once we get rid of the Veep, we'll have another 333 to go before the exorcism is complete.

On a more serious note, during the course of his interview with Kucinich, Wolf Blitzer asks him whether it's appropriate to impeach a sitting Veep during time of War. Kucinich rightfully reminds Blitzer that Nixon's impeachment took place while American forces were still in Vietnam.

But aside from the historical precedent, think about the guiding logic of the question for a second. Blitzer, and presumably many more soon to follow, is suggesting that by accepting to follow the President into war, the American people relinquish their Constitutional power to remove him from office. Or as the Bush administration formulates it, war exempts the executive branch from the legal constraints of the Constitution.

And if that's not a surefire invitation to despotism, I don't know what is.

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