Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Is The Fat Lady Singing?

I'm not sure what to make of this Executive Order, issued today, that establishes the "Iraq Transitional Assistance Office" within the State Dept. The new office will ostensibly assume any outstanding functions of the "Iraq Reconstruction Management Office". But the unmistakable emphasis is on a gradual phasing out of the "reconstruction" plank of the occupation:

The purpose of the ITAO shall be to perform the specific project of supporting executive departments and agencies in concluding remaining large infrastructure projects expeditiously in Iraq, in facilitating Iraq's transition to self-sufficiency, and in maintaining an effective diplomatic presence in Iraq. (Emphasis added.)

Now this could simply mean that American aid will from now on be channeled through the Iraqi government itself. But I doubt it, given how porously corrupt we know the Iraqi government is. At the same time I find it hard to believe that we're already preparing to ramp down infrastructure reconstruction aid.

I'll keep my eyes peeled for any coverage, but if anyone sees anything, pass it on, either through e-mail or comments.

Update: Here's a follow-up post about some interesting "coincidences" surrounding the timing of this Executive Order.

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