Sunday, May 13, 2007

Profiles In Courage

According to William Kristol, the Iraqi political class is more courageous than their American counterparts because, unlike the eleven GOP Congressmen who confronted President Bush about the Iraq War's impact on polling numbers last week, they risk assassination, not just electoral defeat. The obvious question being, Do Iraqi politicians count as part of the Iraqi political class?

Because Iraqi politicians have consistently postponed resolving just about all of the sticking points -- the Kirkuk referendum, the oil revenue distribution law, the amendments to the constitution that were promised in return for marginal Sunni participation in the electoral process -- that could potentially scuttle the entire Iraqi political experiment.

They've also managed to find the time, amidst all the last-minute planning for their two-month summer vacation, to sign on to a proposed bill calling for the withdrawal of American troops from Iraq.

As for Kristol's evidence of how well things are going in Iraq, it basically boils down to the observation, repeated twice, that children wave, smile and ask American visitors for candy on the streets of Baghdad.

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