Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Unsafe At Any Speed

Miami's drivers might be the rudest in America, but the worst drivers by far that I've ever encountered were in Dallas. Sure, in New York City, you've got to be prepared at any moment for a Yellow Cab to hang a louie from the extreme righthand lane, or vice cersa. But nine times out of ten, they do it flawlessly, so you don't even end up taking your foot off the accelerator.

Whereas in Big D, people think nothing of driving three abreast on the freeway. All at the same speed. For miles at a time. No matter how many times you flash your brights. And honk your horn. And motion them wildly to the side.

Which explains why they also think nothing of passing on the right at insane speeds. Because when there's no passing lane, you've got to take your openings where they come up.

I've also never, ever, ever seen as many people drive drunk, or drive as drunk, as the folks in Big D. God love 'em. I sure do. But keep them off the road.

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