Friday, June 1, 2007

Dirty Bomb

About a week or so ago, reader RGM asked me whether Jacques Chirac's secret Japanese bank account was news here in France. The answer is yes and no. It's a story that's been floating around for a while now, so it's not exactly news. But it's regained some momentum now that Chirac is out of office and will soon lose his presidential immunity, and as details slowly leak out about the case.

Like the possibility, as the Guardian claims, that Gaston Flosse, the former President of French Polynesia recently convicted of corruption, may have deposited money into the account. Money that theoretically might have come from the E.150 million (Euros) France used to pay French Polynesia each year for the right to test their nuclear weapons there.

So far, it's a string of hypotheticals. But it's safe to say that the wave of post-presidential "Chirac sympathy" will quickly subside if it turns out the deposits into his slush fund were some sort of radioactive kickback.

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