Friday, June 1, 2007

The Joy Of Spam

I've got to admit to having mixed feelings about the arrest of the Spam King. After all, if it weren't for junk mail, some days there'd be no mail at all.

Besides, without spam I'd have never found out I was paying way too much on my mortgage. The money I've saved through refinancing has helped pay the processing fees necessary to help an online acquaintance transfer a sizable fortune out of an African country and into my bank account. (I can't go into too much detail, but he should be wiring the money any day now.) And there was still enough left over to buy all the Viagra I've needed to maintain an erection for the past four years.

Seriously, though, between Spam Assassin on my site's webmail account and Thunderbird's adaptive controls, the only time I see spam is when I doublecheck the Junk folder to make sure there's nothing important in there. I just wonder how there's enough profit in the deal to make it worthwhile.

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