Friday, June 8, 2007

Crimes & Misdemeanors

I probably shouldn't do this, but here goes. People need to stop hating on Paris Hilton. Yeah, she's a spoiled brat. Yeah, she broke the law. Yeah, there are tons of people doing time for what she did.

But the fact that she expects special treatment is not a sign of her moral vacuousness. It's a sign of her intelligence. Because the fact is, rich people do get special treatment. According to my sister, who met me at the gate, I was once on the same flight as Paris Hilton. I wouldn't have known it, though, because she was allowed to board the flight after everyone else, and leave before everyone else.

Of course, the legal system isn't supposed to have first-class cabins. (Except when it does.) But we all know that that's a fairy tale. There are things we could do to change that, but taking pleasure in a young woman's suffering doesn't strike me as one of them. Even if that young woman is rich and famous, hated by some and envied by all. Seriously, I've never wished prison on anyone until I saw the clip of Sarah Silverman taunting Hilton at the MTV Movie Awards last weekend. What gratuitous cruelty.

As for her release, people point to all the other prisoners who remain in prison with more serious medical and emotional conditions. But that's not a reason to keep Hilton locked up. It's a reason to let the others out.

In any event, she's back in front of the judge, and chances are he's going to send her back to jail. Maybe that's justice being served. But do people need to be so happy about it?

Update: According to the LA Times, she's been remanded back to county jail.

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