Thursday, June 14, 2007

Mad Libs

Here's a thought-provoking excerpt from a USA Today interview with Iran's top general:

Q: What is the current influence (in Iraq) from America?

A: The American influence has been very, very harmful to Iraq. There is absolutely no question that Americans are funding, arming, training, and even in some cases, directing the activities of extremists and militia elements.

It's more than disappointing given that one would think America would want the first Arab-Shiite state to succeed rather than wanting apparently to contribute to continued instability and serious security challenges.

The people they are arming are very, very serious thugs. Among them certainly are those who kidnapped the (five) British civilians the other day.

Ooops. My bad. That's an interview with Lt. Gen. Petraeus. And he was talking about Iran's influence in Iraq. Funny how the answer makes sense from both sides of the border, though.

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