Thursday, June 14, 2007

Super Sarko Saves Europe

This just in. Yesterday, Polish President Lech Kaczinski was threatening to veto the mini-treaty for institutional reform of the EU. This afternoon, he met with Nicolas Sarkozy. And wouldn't you know it, Kaczinski left the meeting "convinced" that the upcoming EU summit to decide the issue will be a "success":

"I'm full of optimism after my meeting with President Sarkozy... I am profoundly convinced that on June 21st and 22nd we'll arrive at a compromise... Today it seems to me that it's possible," he added. (Translated from the French translation of the Polish.)

So far they've only agreed to agree, without actually figuring out how. But it's a pretty dramatic turnaround for Kaczinski, who only a few days ago was describing Poland's demand for weighted voting as "worth dying for".

So how does Sarkozy do it? Is it a magic potion of Gallic origin? A psychic channeling of Napoleon Bonaparte? For now the source of his Super Sarko powers is still a mystery. One thing is certain, though. As Kaczinski himself put it best, "France has a president with whom you can resolve a lot of problems."

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