Thursday, June 14, 2007

Whose Faith?

What's revealing about Mitt Romney's new "Faith and Values" Steering Committee is that there isn't a single Jew on the list. The only two who might have passed the initial "Jewdar" test were John Pudner and Camille Solberg, but he's the chair of the RNC's Catholic Task Force, and she's a Hispanic activist who writes for the Wisconsin Christian News.

No Muslims, either, for that matter. Or Mormons. Or Buddhists. Obviously, a more accurate name for this group would be the "Pandering to Evangelical Christians (and Token Catholics)" Steering Committee.

I keep waiting for the announcement that Romney's campaign is just a hoax, like that Dutch reality tv program about the kidney donor. Or even better, a conceptual art piece. It would work so much better for me that way.

Update: John Daley wonders whether it's possible to know people's religions from a list of names. Fair enough. I did some googling, and it turns out that Jay Sekulow actually was Jewish, until he joined Jews for Jesus in college. I'll update if I turn up anything else.

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