Monday, June 18, 2007

When Nicolas Met Cecilia

Speaking of the candidates' romantic lives, that reminds me. The American press has mentioned Nicolas Sarkozy's "Brady Bunch" family, consisting of his two sons from a first marriage, his wife Cecilia's two daughters from a first marriage, and their son from their own marriage. And they've also mentioned their brief but highly publicized separation a couple years ago.

What I've never seen mentioned is the circumstances under which they met. Here in France, if you choose to get married in a civil ceremony, you go down to city hall where the mayor performs the wedding. Which is what Cecilia did when, at the age of 27, she married 51-year old television star Jacques Martin in the city of Neuilly. The mayor of Neuilly at the time? 29-year old political wunderkind, Nicolas Sarkozy.

As the official story goes, it wasn't until three years later that they met again and fell madly in love with each other. Each left their respective spouse, and they eventually married in 1996.

People talk about Rudy Giuliani's marital baggage. But try getting that one over in American politics today. Chalk it up to l'exception franšaise.

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