Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Out Of Breath... Alyzer

Here's Nicolas Sarkozy's version of the events leading up to his now-famous G8 press conference:

I was late, so I took the stairs four at a time. I didn't have anything in particular to say. So I asked if there were any questions. I don't drink a drop of alcohol. Not because I'm virtuous: I just don't like it. (Translated from the French.)

Since I originally posted the video clip, the Belgian TV announcer who introduced it has apologized for suggesting Sarkozy was drunk. Because by all accounts, Sarkozy's actually a teetotaler. Which is somewhat surprising given his macho style. Somehow I could see him giving in, "just this once", so as to keep Putin from one-upping him. But his version is plausible, too... I suppose.

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