Monday, July 2, 2007

T Meets X

In yet another troubling indication of China's increased military spending and the growing threat it poses to American interests, the Chinese military is investing 6 billion Yuan to upgrade its uniforms. After years of being shown up by their peers in international peacekeeping operations, Chinese soldiers will soon be able to puff out their chests and feel proud:

Working from the "97 Style", designers refined the cut and the sizing of the uniforms to enhance the appearance of the wearers. The new casual uniform for spring and autumn fit more tightly because they have been taken in the chest, waist and bust. Female servicemen will find their shoe heels have grown by a centimeter from the previous four centimeters...

"Letter H uniforms have been ditched once and for all, they're a thing of the past," said Wu Yu, a QEI senior engineer. "Now we have letter T uniforms for men and letter X for women."

When compared with military uniforms from other countries, H-shaped uniforms appear baggy and dull. Men in T-shaped uniforms that highlight shoulder breadth look taller and stronger; women in X-shaped uniforms featuring contracted waists are much sassier, she explained.

And as Maxim's "Girls of the IDF" feature proved, we know how dangerous sassy soldiers are.

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