Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Bush Legacy

The WaPo offers more evidence that the Bush administration, and in particular boy genius Karl Rove, has politicized everything. This time it's ambassadors (read: wealthy political donors) who were kept up to date on key Democratic electoral targets and battleground media markets.

I think that America is very likely to survive the Bush presidency. But my hunch is that Bush has introduced certain precedents that may very well lead to a slow demise of the American experiment. The problem with the Bush/Rove political approach is that, in the absence of catastrophic policy failures and Congressional corruption scandals, it works. Which means, as the logic of any arms race demonstrates, that it will eventually be adopted by both sides.

Similarly, the GOP tactic of stalling legislation through parliamentary procedures will soon spell the end of the minority party's ability to block legislation. The so-called "nuclear option", averted in 2005, will be adopted as soon as either party regains a sufficient majority to pass it.

Barring a popular groundswell in support of "government of the people, by the people, for the people," history will remember this administration not for actually disabling the institutions of American democracy, but for figuring out how to do so.

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