Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Dozens

Stephon Marbury deserves some credit for his Starbury line of sneakers, which delivers a contemporary sneaker (meaning one that you'd never catch me wearing in a million years but that the kids seem to like) for an affordable $14.95.

There's just one problem. Unless I'm badly mistaken, no matter how good the kicks look, if their principal selling point is how cheap they are, they will ultimately become known as the "poor kid's kicks". As in:

Kid #1: "Oh, dip. You seen Billy's new Starburyz? Them shitz is fly. I guess his daddy still ain't got no job."
Kidz #2, 3, 4 & 5: "Oh, snap. That shitz cold!"

On the other hand, pricing them at $135 in the store, but offering them for $15 through various outreach programs like the PAL, Boys Club and Big Brothers/Big Sisters would have achieved the same goal of getting fashionable sneakers into the hands of needy kids, without the stigmatizing jokes. Another method would be to offer one pair for $135, and a virtually indistinguishable pair for $15.

Still, much as I've never liked the on-court Marbury, the off-court version gets props.

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