Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Fashion Army

What happens when the Chinese military announces it's updating its uniforms to modern, tapered designs? Why, the US military has got no choice but to go one better, of course. But if the Chinese have already gotten dibs on snappy, what does that leave us? High-tech, naturally:

The USFIT program uses 3-D, "whole-body" scanners to record the shape of soldiers' bodies.

"Previously, there was a large opportunity for a sizing error," Joseph Cooper, a USFIT project officer, said in the release. "Using the scanner will give us data to provide the best fit."

The sizing data is archived in the Integrated Database for Engineering Anthropometry of Soldiers to provide a better overall description of the user population, the release states.

"The IDEAS database will also assist developers in the design of current and next-generation clothing and equipment," Cooper said. 

Now that's what I call an arms race. [And on a completely unrelated note, how cool are those acronyms? Is there a Pentagon office devoted just to coming up with those, or what?]

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