Saturday, August 18, 2007

Oh, And About The Tooth Fairy...

As far as snake oil goes, The Secret seems to be of the pretty high octane variety. Which is an indication of just how far American culture has fallen. Used to be, you had to at least package the old "get what you want by wanting what you get" message in some new shiny wrapper, like The Celestine Prophecy, or Scientology. Now, you don't even need to re-package it. It's just straight-up, infantile magical thinking.

This past winter, when I wanted to teach my son simple arithmetic, we started shooting dice. And I remember the first time I blew on the dice, rubbed them in just the right way, and beat his 11 with double sixes. He looked at me with an expression of awe mixed with surprise, as if he was just discovering that his father was in fact such a high level magician.

Luckily, he quickly caught on that it was just dumb luck. Apparently the folks who believe in The Secret haven't gotten that far yet. 

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