Saturday, September 22, 2007

Settling In

You've probably noticed by now, but posting has been light since I arrived in Paris. I've been busy exploring the city, making contacts, and getting my bearings. I've also been pitching article ideas, so with any luck I'll have some story links to announce some time soon. All of which means I've had less time to sift through the world press in search of those off the beaten path news items that get my blog juices flowing.

I'll try to jot down some first impressions on Paris early next week. In the meantime, please bear with me. Over the past six months, the amount of people who regularly visit the site has grown steadily. I feel a responsibility to continue providing whatever it is that keeps bringing you back, and a bit guilty when I don't have the time to do that as well as I'd like to.

I'm still interested in finding people who would like to contribute to the site to fill out content when I'm not able to. So if you have an area of interest and some free time, drop me an e-mail through the 'Contact Us' link in the navbar. Everyone else, just sit tight.

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