Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Not So Safe Haven

It looks like the safe haven enjoyed by al-Qaeda and the Taliban in the badlands of the Pakistani border just got a little bit less safe. Pakistani war planes "pounded militant positions" in the fourth day of heavy fighting that has left over 200 dead. Not a whole lot of information there.

There are so many groups and factions in those mountains at this point that it's hard to know what any of it means. My hunch is that the Pakistanis would be targetting the foreign jihadists (Uzbekis if I remember correctly) that the locals have already turned against. If you see anything, pop it into comments or e-mail.

Update: Here's more on those clashes between the Pakistani army and what are allegedly Taliban-supported militants (also referred to as extremists and rebels). The fighting was sparked by a rebel attack on a Pakistani military convoy.

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