Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Collateral Damage

We still don't know just what they were targeting when Israeli warplanes carried out a bombing mission in northeastern Syria a month ago. But in addition to whatever they managed to hit on the ground, you can add two unintended victims to the raid: the Yes satellite television station in Israel, and Headline Junky's traffic stats.

Apparently, ever since September 6, the date of the Israeli strike, Yes broadcasts have been hit with intermittent electronic snowstorms, leading viewers to complain en masse and even file a class action lawsuit. Potential culprits range from UN ships monitoring Lebanese communications to Russian electronic assaults in retaliation for having the air defense systems they provided to Syria so easily shown up.

Meanwhile, on that same day, I briefly speculated that the strike might have been a dry run for an attack on Iranian nuclear installations, including a link to a map of the Middle East to illustrate the point. Despite the fact that the map itself never appeared in the post, that link has somehow sparked a Google Image hit parade of people looking for maps of the Middle East. And there are a lot of people looking for maps of the Middle East, enough to render my traffic stats for the past month entirely useless.

The question the Israelis need to be asking themselves right about now is, Was it really worth it? 

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