Thursday, October 18, 2007

Hillary's Sally Field Moment

A thought ran through my mind about Hillary Clinton today that I haven't seen mentioned yet. It would seem (based mainly on some of the feedback that Andrew Sullivan's been collecting from his readers) that Clinton has been surprisingly successful at getting folks who were pre-disposed to oppose (read: despise) her to not only giver her a second chance, but to actually find her charming, appealing, even convincing. Whether by design or luck, she's in effect reversing the traditional logic of the primary season by "stealing" soft votes on the other side of the aisle, instead of chasing after the Democratic base.

If it's a strategy, it's probably based on two things. First, her sense that barring some sort of unforeseeable meltdown, her political organization will be enough to carry her through to the convention without leaning too far left. And second, the weakness of the Republican field which has resulted in what amounts to a listening period for moderate Republicans. Which makes me wonder how a Chuck Hagel candidacy might have effected Hillary's primary campaign.

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