Friday, October 19, 2007

Handling The Press

In France, stars are often called 'les peoples' (pronounced pea-pull), and the growing creep of celebrity culture is referred to as 'pipolization'. It's the equivalent of what's becoming known in the States as fame-iness. The Sarkozy divorce, as dramatic and newsworthy as it is, is 'pipolized' political coverage. Sarkozy has been at the forefront of the 'pipolization' of politics, and understands the media as well as anyone. So it's not surprising, as Kevin Drum points out, that he would use the 'pipolized' coverage of his divorce to his advantage in the very real political arena, mainly by diverting attention away from the nation-wide one-day transportation strike yesterday. The rumor that Elysee would be imminently announcing the Sarkozy's divorce began circulating Monday morning. And despite gathering momentum, Sarkozy managed to save the major headlines for the day of his fiercest opposition since taking office. You've got to hand it to him. The guy's a master of media management.

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