Monday, October 29, 2007

The Gospel Truth

What's ironic about the flap over Barack Obama's refusal to distance himself from Donnie "Pray the Gay Away" McClurkin is that while the evangelical "ex-gay" movement is both particularly offensive and absurd, it pales in comparison to the vastly more widespread evangelical "ex-Jew" movement. Ann Coulter's recent remarks to the effect that Christians are perfected Jews might have been roundly denounced. But they nevertheless reflect the default theological position of Christian evangelicalicism. The same holds true for its position vis a vis every other religion, including Catholicism.

Seriously, though, Democrats are correct to target Christian evangelicals as a potential constituency. But they should base their appeal on political discourse, not theology. In other words, the problem with Obama's gospel tour isn't Donnie McClurkin. It's Obama's gospel tour. If this is the future of the Democratic Party, then it might be time for an ex-Democrat movement.

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