Wednesday, October 31, 2007


In watching the clips of the Democratic debate last night, I've figured out just what it is about John Edwards that makes me recoil. When he speaks, he tilts his head off to one side and talks out of one side of his mouth. And when he smiles, one side of his mouth goes up while the other goes down. Now, I don't know if the psycho-physiological data backs me up on this, but those to me are signs of insincerity. Something along the lines of the right hand not really buying what the left hand is peddling.

And while I'm on the subject of superficial trivialities, someone's got to figure out how to do Obama's makeup. Maybe it was because he was standing in front of a red riser, but between his pancake (which looked like it was a light shade of pink), his tooth-whitener (which was blinding), the eyebrows (which looked like they'd been painted with the eyeblack used by ballplayers to avoid sunglare) and the lip rouge, he looked more like a digitized composite image than a person. Given how a lot of his appeal is based on his authenticity, that's something he wants to avoid.

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