Friday, November 2, 2007


If you've been following recent events in Pakistan, you'll know that the situation there is tense on a number of fronts. Recent military operations on the Afghanistan border are taking a toll on the military, an eagerly awaited Supreme Court verdict on the legality of President Musharraf's presidential election has provoked rumors of an imminent state of emergency, and the return of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto has ratcheted the political pressure on Musharraf up a notch or three.

So what company, known for its diplomatic skills and sensitive handling of high-pressure situations, do you naturally think of as a perfect fit for such a political tinderbox? Why, Blackwater, of course, who according to Pakistani press reports has been approached to provide security to Bhutto following the suicide bombing that targeted her upon her return to Pakistan. The communique (which is either from Blackwater chairman Erik Prince or Bhutto's PPP headquarters in Dubai, hard to tell from the wording of the article) suggested a way to bypass the negative image associated with their company:

In a communication, it has been suggested that “it would be best to hire the service of Ravan Development Group and our strategic partners, Aviation Worldwide Services because some parties may not like to hear the name of Blackwater.”

There's also this priceless nugget:

It has been suggested that black American securitymen would be best suited for Benazir because they look like PPP’s supporters from Makran commonly known as Makrani and can be mistaken by the authorities as locals.

I wonder if that would qualify as discriminatory hiring practices.

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