Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Fourth Way

Taegan Goddard calls this a gathering to discuss an Independent presidential candidacy. And indeed, among the attendees are Mike Bloomberg and Chuck Hagel, two guys Steve Clemons has been mentioning as a possible Independent ticket for a while now. But as I said with regards to Barack Obama not so long ago, the time is ripe for more than just a bi-partisan approach to politics or an isolated independent presidential campaign. A viable third party based on a preponderence of restraint seasoned with a dose of intelligent intervention in both domestic and foreign policy could permanently house a broad coalition across the center of American politics, leaving the one-trick ponies on both sides of the political spectrum braying in the wind.

In many ways, Bill Clinton laid the groundwork for just such a party on the left side of the center by rehabilitating fiscal responsibility and the responsible use of military intervention in Democratic politics. Counterintuitively, George W. Bush laid the groundwork on the right side of the center by utterly bankrupting the GOP's credibility among voters who aren't insane. Obama, Bloomberg and Hagel are the kinds of guys that could now build that party, assuming none of them is sitting in the White House come January 2009.

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