Thursday, January 3, 2008

Best Practices

The Communist Party of China has published a list of "10 Taboos" that politicians should refrain from during provincial elections and bureaucratic reshufflings this January. A quick glance demonstrates how incompatible Chinese practice of democracy is with the American model:

  • using various ways to win support during the reshuffle, including making phone calls, conducting visits, holding banquets and giving gifts;
  • lobbying officials of higher rank to achieve promotion;
  • handing out pamphlets or giving souvenirs without authorization;
  • holding social activities in the name of reunions of classmates, townsmen or fellow soldiers to form cliques;
  • offering bribes in cash, gifts and stocks to buy government jobs;
  • taking bribes or attending banquets staged to drum up support during the reshuffle;
  • covering up or shielding illicit activities during the reshuffle;
  • spreading hearsay or using letters, leaflets, text messages or the Internet to vilify others;
  • using intimidation or deception to hamper and infringe upon the democratic rights of delegates or committee members;
  • arranging jobs for people or making a rush for somebody's promotion.

If you rule out lobbying, meet and greets, smear campaigns and petty corruption, how in the heck is someone supposed to get elected?

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