Friday, January 4, 2008

Handicapping Iowa: The Results

Meanwhile, the results coming out of Iowa, at least on the Democratic side, are making me look like a pretty sharp bookmaker. Biden and Dodd are both already out, Richardson and Kucinich are both staying in, and Gravel is not only staying in, he's demanding a retraction and an apology from Keith Olbermann, who reported otherwise. Keep your eyes peeled for the Al Gore articles. They should be showing up over the weekend.

All in all, it's enough to make you wonder whether I shouldn't be in Vegas doing this for a living. Until you consider my picks for the GOP casualties, that is, which didn't pan out so well. Contrary to pre-caucus rumors, Fred Thompson has stayed in the race, as I predicted. Duncan Hunter, on the other hand, has announced he's going to keep plugging, and so far there's no word from Rudy, who looks unlikely to throw in the towel just yet. So I rimmed out on both of those prognostications.

As for my 19-1 longshot that Huckabee ends up speaking in tongues in front of a press conference and is forced to drop out, I've still got until this evening. Here's hoping.

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