Saturday, January 5, 2008

How Deep Is The Bench

It occured to me, in thinking about the respective parties' primary campaigns, that what goes for the top of the ticket goes for the Veep slot as well. On the Democratic side, the list of not only viable but exciting potential VP's is three feet high and rising. Any of the frontrunners would do just fine, if they haven't taken out contracts on each other's lives come the convention. Biden would be a respectable choice. Then there's Jim Webb, Wesley Clark, Mark Warner. Russ Feingold could even make sense depending on the top of the ticket and the GOP candidate.

But when you look at the Republican side, the same thing applies to the Veep slot as to the Presidential nominee: there doesn't seem to be any viable possibilities. Off the top of my head, I can only think of Christine Todd Whitman and George Pataki. But the former is not too popular among the base, and the latter about as exciting as an ice cube melting. There's Arnold, of course, but he's a Constiutional amendment away from being eligible. So help me out. Is there anyone I'm missing?

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