Tuesday, January 8, 2008


This Slate video that Josh Marshall puts front and center makes twice in two days that I've seen Hillary ridiculed for basically taking hours of questions from the audience at a campaign event. (Here's one from Dana Milbank that Andrew Sullivan featured.) All the operative tags are tossed into the clips about Obama drawing rock star crowds and Hillary boring her folks to tears. But if she's taking questions, that means there are folks asking them, which suggests they're interested in the answers.

It might be true, as E.J. Dionne put it, that Clinton is "...campaigning in prose and has left the poetry to Barack Obama." But while this may be a fatal campaign tactic, does it really warrant the kind of caustic sarcasm she's taking for it? We already know that given the choice between covering policy and covering a rock star, the press will choose the rock star. But since when did it become something to be proud of?

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