Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A Victory Lap

This exit polling data, from Ezra Klein's New Hampshire wrap-up, jumped out at me:

Voters bought Obama’s argument that he was the most electable. They even bought Obama’s argument that he was the best able to bring about change. But a plurality named Hillary Clinton “the best Commander-in-Chief,” and Clinton overwhelmingly won their votes.

Think about that for a second. In 2007, Democratic voters feel that the most electable candidate is a black man, and the most convincing Commander-in-Chief is a woman. What a testament to this country, and what a testament to this Party.

In my reflex to resist the Obama euphoria coming out of Iowa, I probably didn't give enough credit to the historic aspect of his victory. But these two results back to back, combined with that exit polling data, really made me stop and realize how much this Party has led and is leading America in the march towards social justice.

Now that the frenetic pace between Iowa and NH has eased off a bit, I'd love to see a Democratic unity rally, a victory lap for what we've accomplished as a Party. To see the three candidates together on a stage celebrating not their candidacies, but the Party that shelters them, would be huge.

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