Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Who Gets The Center?

In trying to explain his loss, a lot of people -- and especially Obama supporters -- have grabbed hold of the theory that NH independents, believing that Obama had the primary in the bag, felt free to vote for McCain. And according to this MyDD post, it seems to be supported by John Zogby's post-primary wrap-up.

My first reaction was to think of something Segolene Royal said with regard to centrist Francois Bayrou's candidacy here last spring: when push come to shove, the center always falls to the right. And I think that's worth considering by people who take an Obama victory in the general election for granted, especially in a potential match-up against McCain.

Granted, the dynamics in New Hampshire were different than a head-to-head contest, and the logic was that Obama didn't need their votes. But McCain looked pretty strong going into primary night as well. And given the choice, the independents broke for McCain. Something to think about.

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