Thursday, January 10, 2008

One On One

From Taegan Goddard comes this Hillary Clinton quote:

"Well, at the debate on Saturday night I was laughing because in that debate, obviously Senator Edwards and Senator Obama were in the 'buddy system' on the stage, and I was thinking, 'Well, whoever's up there against the Republican nominee in the election debates, come the fall, is not going to have a buddy to fall back on.' You know, you're out there all by yourself."

To paraphrase, 'These guys are so sorry that even ganging up on me, they can't take me out. So, really, who do you want going one on one against the GOP come November?'

It's a great meme for two reasons. First, it resonates with what everyone saw go down last Saturday. And second, it makes it hard for Edwards and Obama to lay off each other and maintain their credibility. Remember, Edwards was the first one to go after Clinton leading up to Iowa, and eventually he's going to have to go after Obama. The sooner that happens, the better Clinton's chances look.

Update: I should clarify that I don't think that Edwards and Obama, in order to remain credible, need to quit playing doubles, but more that it's what Hillary is trying to suggest. Let's you and him fight, so to speak.

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